KPSQ is proud to report that we now have 21 LOCAL SHOW producers.   You can find out more about each of them on our LOCAL SHOWS page.

More local shows on the way!  Perhaps your show will be next? FIND OUT HOW!

Missed a show?  Listen to shows that you might have missed on our ARCHIVES Page!


KPSQ features a VERY ECLECTIC mix of music and talk shows. Tune in to one of our local DJ’s shows where you will hear everything from World Music to 1930’s Swing to Psychedelia from the 60’s and much more. Tune in to our shows featuring LOCAL MUSIC including  Music Makers and Americana Alley.  And when talking “eclectic”, we must also mention the unique “Poetize the News” produced by local bard Doug Shields, Our Ozark Blend from Farmer Bee, What’s Cooking, and tweet along with our midnight show Restless.

Check out our excellent syndicated music shows, not to be heard anywhere else in NWA, such as Undercurrents from the Native Voice One network, and the acclaimed Acoustic Cafe. As a Pacifica Network Affiliate we have access to great music from around the nation such as Down the Road, Upfront Soul, Juke in the Back, Geezer Rock, Blues America, Gifts and Messages.

You will also want to check out the many news and talk shows, on the radio in NWA only on KPSQ. Our daily news shows include Democracy Now, The David Pakman Show, and The Thom Hartmann Show. Ecology and Science shows include Sea Change Radio, Big Picture Science, and Explorations. Cultural offerings include Arts Express, From the Vault, Song of the Soul, and On Being.

The KPSQ Music Library features many hours of music curated by local volunteers and DJs. Each hour plays a different genre: pop, rock, reggae, country, folk and Americana, R&B, blues, and jazz. Check back frequently to find the music and shows that you love.


If you are interested in hosting a show, now is the time to get your show approved and reserve a spot in the schedule.  All the information you need to submit a show request can be found on our website on our “Host a Show?” page.

KPSQ is Pacificaa Pacifica Radio Affiliate. Pacifica is the nation’s original community radio station, and has a 65 year tradition of providing programming that commercial media has been unable or unwilling to provide.

As a Pacifica Affiliate we can draw from a wide variety of syndicated news, public affairs, cultural, and music programming. KPSQ is the first and currently the ONLY Pacifica Affiliate in Arkansas.

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One of the most requested news shows on KPSQ is Democracy Now! , a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. KPSQ is one of only 2 radio stations in Arkansas to carry Democracy Now!


Our focus is local shows with local hosts, local music by local musicians, local productions from local people. We will help you learn how to be a DJ, give you “live on the air” experience, teach you how to prerecord shows using free audio editing software, and help you hone your skills to produce news and interview shows.

Visit our “Host a Show?” page to get started.